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AIQ Updates for Wednesday 01/26/2022

Yesterday at AIQ we had two guest speakers. Phillip Kim representing AB 1400 (CalCare) California’s version of Medicare for All and RL Miller Director of Climate Hawks Vote speaking for the campaign for save rooftop solar.

We thank both of our speakers for keeping us informed on these important issues.

AB 1400 (CalCare): Phillip Kim stressed the importance of advocating right now for passage of AB 1400 in the Assembly. It must come to a vote in the Assembly by January 31st. He urged us to join email List for regular updates. Here are some links for more information.

CalCare Fact Sheets

Rooftop Solar: RL Millr stressed that the California Public Utilities Commission is poised to kill off much of the rooftop solar industry in California with a plan to slash solar incentives. She urged us to Call the Governor’s office at 916-445-2841 and say something along these lines: I am against the proposed Solar Penalty Fee! Nobody should pay a penalty for putting solar panels on their roof and California should be doing more, not less, to promote rooftop solar. Please show us you are serious about rate hikes, blackouts and air pollution. Say no to the utilities’ profit grab, and yes to helping millions of working and middle class people get solar.

Here is a link she left us with: https: