Sign On Letters

The Lutheran Office of Public Policy – California partners with local, state, and national organizations to enact change. We are more powerful standing together than apart. We frequently sign onto letters or write our own in support of proposed legislation.

*Note that our statements are written with reference to version of the bill at the time the letter was written. Amendments may be made to bills, changing their meaning and impact.

2024 Letters

LOPPCA’s 2024 Budget Letter to Legislature – our official budget letter responding to the Governor’s 2024 proposed budget

Budget Letter calling for a fix to the state’s rooftop solar energy crisis – Environment California

Building the California Dream Alliance group Budget Letter

CalEITC Coalition Budget Letter

SB 333 (Cortese) – creating a guaranteed income program for homeless students in 12th grade for 5 monthly payments of $1,000

AB 2256 (Friedman) – would direct the CA Public Utilities Commission to consider all benefits of rooftop solar when determining compensation for panel owners

AB 1851 (Holden) – would require a nonprofit technical assistance agency to test, recommend, and help with improvements to school drinking water systems to remove toxic levels of lead in the water