Youth Group Prop 18 Contest!

Get your Youth Group involved in this November Election around Prop 18 by writing a letter to the editor – There is prize money!!


– Glad you asked! Lutheran Office of Public Policy (LOPP-CA) believes that it is our work as the body of Christ to engage with our government through advocacy and government. With this commitment in mind, we are hosting a letter to the editor writing contest surrounding Prop 18, and will get that letter posted to a California news source!


– Prop 18 is simple yet powerful: this ballot measure would allow 17 year olds turning 18 by the time of the General Election to vote in that years Primary Election. This lets youth decide who they are actually voting for: many counties in California belong solidly to one party or other, meaning whoever is elected in the primary likely to win the office. Allowing youth to vote in the primary will make a more equitable voting process and allow their voices to truly be heard. For more on the Proposition as well as our stance, look at our voter guide.


– Youth applying should be connected with a ELCA youth group ministry. Each applicant will submit a letter of approximately 250 words stating why Prop 18 is important to them and how voting will help build their future. The top 3 letters will receive prize money ($1000, $500, and $250 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively) to their youth group to spend as they need, and the letters will be posted! Once you have written you letter, you can submit it to Regina Banks, our director, at We are aiming to have all submissions by October 11, so that’s your deadline!


  • You should be knowledgeable about Prop 18 and other Ballots that you would be voting on this election!!! Here is a link to our voter guide which describes the props in detail!
  • Prop 18 is specifically for youth; this is about inspiring a upcoming generation to engage in the political process, so don’t be afraid to embrace your youth-fullness! This letter is about voting YES on Prop 18!
  • We will push to have these letters posted in Newsletters around California! These letters will influence this November election, and will encourage a yes on Prop 18!
  • This letter is about you; facts and figures can be helpful in advocacy, but this letter to the Editor project is about your personal story. Your letter should be made almost (if not entirely) of your own personal story, convictions, and vision for what could be possible by passing Prop 18.
  • Feel free to write both as a person of faith and a citizen. This isn’t necessarily a religious defense, but your testimony as to why this is important to you.


If you have questions, feel free to reach out to either Regina Banks or James Williams, our Communications Coordinator (submissions should be sent to Regina) via the “contact us” drop-down under “get involved”. LOPP-CA is HAPPY to talk with your congregations about this opportunity!