May 18, 2022: Lobby Day Workshop Schedule

Workshops are being organized for this year’s Lutheran Lobby Day on May 18, 2022. See below for examples of past workshops. Please contact if you would like to suggest or offer a workshop.

May 19, 2021: Lobby Day Workshop Schedule

Can’t join using the links below? Here is the full Zoom Information with phone numbers.

TimeWorkshopJoin Meeting
11:00 AMYouth and Young Adult AdvocacyJoin Zoom
11:30 AMAdvocacy 201 [offered twice]Join Zoom
12:30 PMBudget AdvocacyJoin Zoom
12:30 PMAdvocacy 201 [offered twice]Join Zoom
1:00 PMThe Importance of Advocacy: a Lutheran PerspectiveJoin Zoom
1:30 PMAntiracism: Racial Justice Ministry [offered twice]Join Zoom
1:30 PMLocal Advocacy and Organizing [offered twice]Join Zoom
2:00 PMAntiracism: Racial Justice Ministry [offered twice]Join Zoom
2:00 PMLocal Advocacy and Organizing [offered twice]Join Zoom

Youth and Young Adult Advocacy

11:00 AM with Wylie Cook, M.Div

This workshop will be a laboratory, exploring how youth and young adults can become more involved in advocacy in their communities and around the issues they care about. We will work through a simple process from articulating our values to actually meeting with elected officials. This is a session intended for those who are under the age of 30.

Advocacy 201

11:30 AM or 12:30 PM with Pastor Casey Kloehn Dunsworth

This workshop will take you to the next level of what advocacy can look like beyond Lobby Day. Learn how to connect with your local leadership—County Board of Supervisors, City Council, School Board, etc—and how to engage your congregation in the work of advocacy year-round. This workshop will provide practical steps, templates, and further resources for lay and clergy participants.

Budget Advocacy

12:30 PM with Regina Q. Banks, Director of the Lutheran Office of Public Policy – California

Budgets are moral documents, a testimony to what truly matters to the people making them. How does the budget process work in California? What can Californians do to influence this process and ensure that the morals of the document reflect the call to love and serve our neighbor?

The Importance of Advocacy: a Lutheran Perspective

1:00 PM with Rev. Dr. Dan Smith

From its inception, the Lutheran movement has appealed to – and often relied on – on government authority for its legitimacy and to further its goals of sharing the Bible’s message of good news with God’s people and creating a more just society.  This workshop will focus on the history of the Lutheran tradition, rooted in Scripture, as an advocacy movement in the world, and why that spiritual gift is still important today.  In addition to a presentation, there will be a chance for small group discussion and reflection, and Q&A about how we as Lutheran Christians can become people of justice and mercy in the public square.

Antiracism: Racial Justice Ministry

1:30 PM or 2:00 PM with REMSDT of Sierra Pacific Synod

Systemic racism and Individual racism both exist in the world and play a crucial part in keeping the status quo of White Supremacy and Privilege. It is for that reason that the 2009 Assembly of the Sierra Pacific Synod approved and put into place the Racial Ethnic Ministry Strategy Discipling Team (REMSDT). REMSDT through its three working groups provide educational resources via Zoom and on-site workshops, forums, and town hall meetings, and webinars. We assist in developing strategy and strategic goals and tactical actions for addressing and dismantling ethnic bias and racism.

Local Advocacy and Organizing: Survivors of Torture International

1:30 PM or 2 PM with Clint Carney, J.D., Government Affairs Manager, Survivors of Torture, International

The Local Advocacy and Organizing workshop will describe basic strategies and nuances of advocacy work for your organization. Topics will include strategies for developing and strengthening relationships with elected officials and government staff, the nuances of lobbying and advocacy, and how to organize coalitions and mobilize third-party advocates. Ideas will also be shared on identifying policy issues of importance at the local, state and federal level, and building a communications plan around those issues. This will be a lot to cover in 30 minutes. Clint can also be available for a follow up session or to answer questions at another time for anyone interested.