Last week, immigrant rights groups, criminal justice groups, and the faith community sent letters to Governor Gavin Newsom offering safe and effective solutions to free our community members who are at higher risk of contracting COVID-19 inside prisons and immigration detention centers

The Dignity not Detention Coalition is calling for a week of actions! Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity is calling on the faith community to amplify these demands and lift up our faith voices calling for liberation every Friday!

There are four ways you can join us: 

    • Be sure to tag @GavinNewsom and @CAgovernor
    • Use hashtags: #FaithfulFridays #PardonNow #LetThemGo  #FreeThemAll #Liberation4All
  • Call Governor Gavin Newsom
  • Invite your family, friends, and loved ones to take action with us by sharing: bit.ly/Faith4Liberation! 
  • Share with your faith community during services this weekend!

Sample Facebook and Twitter Faith Messages:

Faith calls us to set the captives free, to act with compassion, and to assure that every person has the right, access and opportunity to health, safety, and well being. #Liberation4All immigrants in detention #LetThemGo @GavinNewsom #FaithfulFridays

Charles Joseph and Liyah Birru are beloved community members in ICE detention. They are both vulnerable to #COVID19. This is an emergency and @GavinNewsom needs to #PardonNow Charles and Liyah! #FaithfulFridays #LetThemGo #BringCharlesHome #FreeLiyah

@GavinNewsom Grant clemencies and other releases immediately for elders and those vulnerable to #COVID19 in prison and ICE detention, including #BringCharlesHome and #FreeLiyah. #ClemencyNow #PardonNow #LetThemGo #FaithfulFridays

@GavinNewsom Join us in prayer and action for those held in prisons and detention facilities during #COVID19. Stop transfers into ICE detention, halt the expansion of immigration detention. Cherish all beings. #LetThemGo #FaithfulFridays

Graphics to Post:

Call-in Script for Gov. Newsom: (916) 445-2841 

“Hi my name is _______, I am a member of the _____ faith community. I’m concerned about those detained in ICE detention centers, especially during the spread of COVID19. I am calling on Governor Newsom to use his executive authority to:

  • Urge ICE to release all immigrants in detention, starting with those most medically vulnerable.
  • Halt the expansion of CA immigrant prisons 
  • Stop transferring people from prisons and jails to ICE 
  • Pardon Charles Joseph, Liyah Birru, and others who are in detention and prison, awaiting a pardon decision. Both Charles and Liyah are at risk of COVID19 given underlying health conditions, and are at risk of deportation!

Will the Governor help reunite families and protect people from COVID-19?”

Share with loved ones! bit.ly/Faith4Liberation 

To co-sponsor, send your name/logo, email: gking@im4humanintegrity.org

Co-sponsored by: Social Action Committee, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Redwood City, Never Again – Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco