State Budget Challenge

Important State Budget Education and Advocacy Information

Let’s remember people living in poverty—including one out of four California children—and the elderly, disabled, addicted and others who sometimes need a public safety net to survive with a measure of dignity:

CA Dept of Finance
Legislative Analyst’s Office
Health and Human Services Network
California Budget Project
Health Access
Western Center on Law and Poverty

California Budget Challenge

Here is an update to the online California Budget Challenge.

After a decade of deficits, the Challenge starts you off with a -0- balance, meaning the budget is in balance from the starting point; but there are still important questions to consider:

Should the state increase its pace of debt repayment?
Should the state make changes to benefits for future state workers?
Should the state use last year’s budget as a baseline for spending on programs?
How large of a reserve should the state build for a rainy day?

This year, the budget is all about setting priorities for the state. The Budget Challenge presents nonpartisan information on the state’s annual budget and allows users to weigh in on the choices being considered. New this year are over a dozen videos that have been added to the Challenge, where voices from budget experts and everyday Californians are heard about various state programs and the different taxes that fund them. As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on the Budget Challenge.

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