The Lutheran Office of Public Policy-California is an interdependent partnership advocacy ministry of:
  • The ELCA Domestic Mission Unit-Advocacy
  • The Sierra Pacific Synod
  • The Southwest California Synod
  • The Pacifica Synod
The purpose of the Office of Public Policy is to advocate with and on behalf of others in the quest for economic justice, the protection of human rights, reconciliation, and responsible stewardship of God’s Creation.  The Office of Public Policy is committed to working in cooperation with Lutheran social ministry organizations (SMO’s), which have primary responsibility for providing direct services and client advocacy for low-income people and others with special needs.  The Office is also committed to working cooperatively with all agen­cies and institutions affiliated with the ELCA, including Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, California Lutheran University, and Lutheran homes for the aging.  The Office of Public Policy is advised by a Policy Council.  The goals, objectives, and activities of the office are administered by the Director.