UN Migrant Day Action Planned

In honor of United Nations Migrant Day, which is December 18, ELCA Advocacy has created a postcard ‘ask’  to deliver to Congress as a collective action we can take on that day.  The postcard is linked below.  We are asking Welcoming Congregations and other congregations and individuals to share this card and collect the bottom tear-off and do one of 2 things:

  1. If you are planning a collective action on that day, deliver it to either a senator or Congressperson’s office OR
  2. Send them to ELCA Advocacy to deliver to Congress.         

Please send them to:
ELCA Advocacy Office
122 C St NW #125
Washington, DC 20001



The California Natural Resources Agency has implemented the Urban Greening Awards –the grant program is distributing $76 million statewide to projects that transform the urban environment into places that are more sustainable, enjoyable, and effective in creating healthy and vibrant communities by establishing and enhancing parks and open space, using natural solutions to improving air and water quality and reducing energy consumption, and creating more walkable and bikeable trails.  These grants are Funded by Cap and-Trade revenues and often benefit disadvantaged communities.  Click on the link to view the awards.

Urge Congress to Support Domestic and International Environmental Programs

The Trump Administration released on November 3rd what is likely the most comprehensive report to date on environmental degradation. Based on overwhelming evidence of global warming, the report states that human activity is the primary cause of the earth’s rising temperature. It also shows the virtual certainty of intensifying and increased frequency of severe high temperature and extreme precipitation events. The harmful consequences of environmental degradation caused by global warming disproportionately impacts our brothers and sisters living in poverty who are least equipped to adapt.

As Lutherans, we recognize that our failure to protect God’s people and all of creation leads to problems that intensify social injustices, resulting in situations where those who are marginalized and vulnerable are most impacted.  Continue reading “Urge Congress to Support Domestic and International Environmental Programs”

Join Us As We Pray, Fast and Act Together in This Important Time!

Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton and Michael Curry, presiding bishop of The Episcopal Church, issued a joint statement in May inviting people to a time of prayer, fasting and advocacy. Their call was based on concern about proposals in Congress to cut federal programs that are essential to hungry people in poverty. On the 21st of every month, Eaton and ELCA Advocacy invite Lutherans to pray and fast. The 21st of the month was chosen because it’s the monthly date when 90 percent of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits run out for families. To learn more about the #PrayFastAct action, go to ELCA.org/PrayFastAct.

Draft of new ELCA Social Message on Human Rights!

A draft of the new ELCA Social Message on Human Rights is now available!  Click on picture to see the draft.  On the page, follow the link to a questionnaire to share your thoughts. The comment period for the draft for a social message on human rights has closed. A revised draft will be presented for Church Council to consider for adoption this fall.

LOPP Represented at the Clean Air Bill Signing

LOPP was represented by our Policy Council Chair, Sharon Heck, at signing of AB 617-the  Clean Air Bill in Bell Gardens.   Assemblywoman Christina Garcia introduced this bill and the signing was in her neighborhood at the City of Bell Gardens Community Youth Center.  For more information about the bill and its possible impacts on this neighborhood click here.