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Action for March 31st from AIQ

Bills to support right now in Food and Farming: SB 464 (Hurtado) – Food for All – Would expand the CalFresh benefits available to undocumented immigrants in California (While these folks are…
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New Kit for Welcoming Migrants Available!

Here is a link to a new Action Toolkit for Welcoming Migrants where you will find helpful links to additional information, organizations, and resources to engage in individual and group action, including:…
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Action and News for March 24th From AIQ

Important: Contact Diane Feinstein by phone or email and strongly urge her to support ending the filibuster! It the only way that meaningful legislation will be passed. LOPP-CA is following…
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Action Needed to Fight College Hunger

Ask your members of Congress to be an original co-sponsor of the EATS Act that will permanently rescind the college student SNAP rule.   The deadline is tomorrow 3/11 to be an original…
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Action and News for March 10th From AIQ

Deb Haaland’s confirmation to lead the Department of the Interior could be in jeopardy. If confirmed, Haaland would be the first Indigenous person to manage the Bureau of Indian Affairs and…
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Action for March 3rd from AIQ

Please consider attending Ecumenical Advocacy Days (EAD)! This is an annual national gathering of Christian advocates and activists. We worship, delve deeply into the pressing issues of the day, and…
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Action for February 24th from AIQ

Consider signing up for Chase Tibb’s podcast Faith and Capital at: Write a letter to your state senator and/or assemblyperson stating that as Christians we affirm the Right to…
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